Joanne Tambourini-Kay: Ren & Stitchy

Joanne Tambourini-Kay, aka Ren & Stitchy, makes retro inspired kids clothing and accessories.

Ren & Stitchy fabrics are sourced from the US and feature kitsch and vintage images. These are used to create fun, functional and alternative clothing and accessories with classic, simple lines. Her range even includes ladies vintage-inspired skirts made from the same fabrics!

Ren & Stitchy was inspired by Joanne’s need for clothing for her own children that was different, but easy to wash and hardwearing. Now her Slobberchops dribble bibs and and Knotty Nancy headscarves are a hit everywhere she goes, and some customers have even collected every design! Plus, nothing is mass produced so there’s always something new to choose from.