Moon Magic Candles

We are a Liverpool based candle company born out of lockdown. Our candles are designed to set your intentions and make wishes along with the moon phases.

We believe by making a wish when lighting your candle, you are reminded of this every time you light it. Therefore setting an intention, and by doing so, Activity reminding yourself what it is you wish for and in turn increasing the likely hood of it coming to fruition.

We use only the finest fragrances and eco soy wax to create our candles.

Each candle takes around 5 hours to make and they are decorated with hand foraged botanicals from all around Liverpool!

We encourage a no waste policy as we like to ensure our carbon footprint is as low as possible!

We use only biodegradable glitter, ensuring you are not burning any toxic plastic chemicals in your home.

Each of our candles comes with their own healing crystal/crystals garnishing.

We infuse all of our candles with crystals so they can help bring a sense of calm and clarity to your home. Each candle includes gift wrapping and a craft note all about its individual healing properties.

Each Moon Magic candle is hand poured and hand decorated, therefore meaning no two candles are the same and you are receiving a one of a kind candle every time.

We want everyone to enjoy the individuality of having a Moon Magic candle.