Sarah Middleton – The Way to Blue

Sarah Middleton’s practice is rooted in the old photographic process of Cyanotype. Invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842 as a way of recreating notes and diagrams, cyanotyping is distinctive in that it creates images in stunning tones of blue.

Sarah creates her works by applying a light sensitive solution to various papers, hedgerow finds or/and negatives layered on then exposed to sunlight, the solution is then rinsed off and the paper dried, fixing the image in glorious blue tones.

Sarah’s pieces aim to capture our delight and wonder in the intricacies of nature, creating a unique range of blue and white homeware and gifts including tealight holders, vases, framed cyanotypes, cards and a range of blue and white fine china mugs.

‘My work is influenced by my love of the British countryside: from my Shropshire roots growing up in a house nestled in the forest, time spent living close to nature in a caravan by a fisherman’s cottage, a year absorbing the wild beauty of Anglesey’s coastline to now – the beautiful Conwy valley in North Wales. On the edge of Snowdonia my visual playground is now mountainous and coastal where my imagination and creativity are free to run wild.’